High Altitude Training and Rehabilitation Therapy

High altitude training is an accepted and safe method to improve aerobic performance in sport.

Learn what high performing athletes and sports teams have known for years. Altitude training is the greatest legal performance-enhancing stimulus available to athletes. Travelling to high altitude locations for training can be both costly and time consuming, and until now was the only option. We want to help make you faster, better and stronger to achieve your goals whether it’s a race, your team’s playoff run, your next fight or to help set you apart from your competition at your Pre-draft Combine. Don’t wait. Come visit us to get started.


  • Get back to peak conditioning levels faster
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness while injured
  • Provides maximum aerobic output while minimizing effects on the body


  • Anaerobic Threshold
  • Develop your anaerobic threshold so you can maintain a higher output without increased fatigue.

Optimized Oxygen Delivery

  • Improve your body’s capacity to deliver oxygen to the working muscles and tissues
  • Increasing your exertion time and overall output.

High Altitude Training Room

Our altitude oxygen levels range from 1,000 ft to 17,000 ft. The higher the altitude, the less oxygen that is available, making breathing harder. Training at a higher altitude can help all of our athletes build stronger muscles, decrease recovery time, and it can even help you lose weight since you burn up to 50% more calories than you would training at sea level.

The room includes 8 pieces of equipment to cater to every need. We have high-end spin bikes, a treadmill, a rower, an arm bike and a trainer available for those who prefer to use their own bike.

For those involved in Combat Sports, our high altitude simulation chamber is similar to the UFC chamber in Las Vegas. When using the room, all athletes will be given oxygen saturation monitors to assist with training target ranges. We know that athletes like to choose their own tech, so we encourage you to bring your own devices with you to track your progress. A health professional is onsite at all times to monitor and answer your questions.

We can customize packages to meet every need for individuals or clubs. Come in for a tour and to discuss the possibilities.

Altitude Training Science

Altitude Training involves intensive exercise at moderate to high altitudes in order to develop an adaptive response in the human body. This adaptation for athletes, involves a physiologic response to a reduced availability of oxygen which triggers a cascade of performance benefitting responses.

Research supports the following observations with high altitude training regimes:

  • 1 Improved V02 max for enhanced power output, speed, strength and endurance
  • 2 Boosted production of erythropoietin hormone (EPO) by the kidneys, stimulating generation of red blood cells and enhanced oxygen transportation through the body
  • 3 Enhanced production and rejuvenation of mitochondria allowing more efficient utilization of oxygen
  • 4 Increased production of human growth hormone
  • 5 Stimulation of fat metabolism

What does all of this mean? In general, athletes making proper use of high altitude training experience less fatigue and ultimately improved performance on sports specific tasks.

Who We Are

At Endure Sports, we have a fascination for the human capacity to adapt and evolve. Human performance can be optimized by creating a controlled and limited stress on the body, triggering a response to make us stronger, faster and better.

Endure Sports offers a step in the direction of the highest mountain tops our planet has, to test our fitness and capability to adapt. We are pleased to introduce the public in Ontario our Altitude Training Centre as a means to improve athletic performance.

Endure Sports is also for those who have physically demanding jobs requiring consistently strong performance.


We aim to elevate every athlete that comes through our doors; from Basketball and Hockey players, Boxing and MMA fighters to Marathon and Tri – Athletes . We believe in your right to privacy and for this reason do not allow photos of participants inside the facility nor do we permit autograph requests.

At Endure Sports we do things a little differently. We believe in a collaborative model and invite you to bring your sport specific coach with you so that we can tailor a plan that fits your regime. We are here to help get you to where you want to be.

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Elevation for the altitude room will vary by day of the week. Please call to inquire.
Please note that accommodation can be made for groups with special requests.